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Scientology is perhaps seen as a controversial religion rising into the twenty first century. In this day and age religion itself is controversial enough. Nevertheless a new religion getting the face of materialism resistant to the consensus that all is matter that will סיינטולוגיה stir the whole container. There is much written upon it and a great deal of that is simply well fabricated with absolutely no truth in it. Thus what is Scientology really

Certainly the Church of Scientology has experienced the same growth and controversiality that has been normal with the evolutionary steps coming from all earlier major foi today.

So what is Scientology and just how did it get to be here

Scientology means literally a study expertise or knowing how to know. The term Scientology was first employed by L. Ron Hubbard on 1932. He is the founder of both Dianetics a study of your brain and Scientology.

Mr. Hubbard as a young man had traveled to China and tiawan Japan India and other Asian countries. Here this individual found that man was a spirit a life force. He found that there were things over and above the thing that was physical. And added to that L. Ron Hubbard also wanted to know why man was still degraded when a great deal wisdom existed in the East. There was perception and poverty there and both together were a contradiction. Mr. Hubbard investigated at the East and the West.

After the Second World War intervened he continued his research at the Oak Knoll Naval Hospital in 1945. Himself lame in the hip and with inhibited sight he furthered his theories of the head סיינטולוגיה and could use them on himself and more to heal psychosomatic ills. That is illnesses that made an appearance to not respond to normal medicine due to mental blocks of one form or another.

Following the war Mr. Hubbard ongoing his research. He released a book called Dianetics The current Science of Mental Health. It was a runaway best-seller on the new York Times Top seller list. Today over twenty two million copies have recently been sold.

Soon the Dianetics movement started and research centers sprung in the USA and people were using Dianetics to become more able and business lead enriched lives.

However there was more. The further they researched a lot more they found there was a lot unknown of man.

Dianetics is a technological subject whereby a person is taught to help take naturally another model's mind back to times during the physical pain and unconsciousness and call to mind these times. It had been found that body cells included these recordings in another lowgrade mind and when these recordings were retrieved a person could סיינטולוגיה treat from all manner of psycho somatic illnesses. Shortly the lame could walk the speechless talk.

Although the research quickly also showed that man got memories going back well in the nine months before birth. And it do not take long to find that there was thoughts waiting to be uncovered in past lives. Man or woman it was learned was a spiritual being who were living many lifetimes still that contains the memories of people previous lives and adversely afflicted by them.

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